11 ford mustang

A: can u adopt me? i will do anything u want me to do. lol

Q: What's this Ford Mustang Giugiaro Concept?
When is going to come out or is it already out?

A: if this car comes out, i will kill myself and every person that i see driving it. its a disgrace to see an american icon get messed up by an italian. there is no mustang history on it!!!! its supposed to be an american car, not a lamborstang. i cry every time i look at it.....

Q: Should I try to sell my 2004 Ford Mustang or should I let the leasing company take it back?
I leased a 2004 Ford Mustang and it is time to give it back to the leasing company or I could buy it from them. The online Kelly Blue Book estimator said it is worth $11,650 if I try to sell it to a private party and it estimates a Trade-in Value of $10,075. The payoff with the leasing company is about $9,800.

I know those numbers are just estimates, but I'm asking what I can reasonably expect to get for the car if I try to sell it privately here in Dallas, Texas. If I can sell it for $11,650 in a few weeks I would like to do that. If I would only get $10,075 it's not worth the effort to me and I would rather just give it back to them.
Cowboy Bill:

What makes you think the lease has given me misery?

Yes, I'm miserable that I spent much less per month that if I had bought the car. I just hate having that extra money in my account. Maybe if I take my money to the dealer the salesman will take it off my hands and I will be much less "miserable".

Bill, are you are car salesman? Is that why you want me to BUY a car? If I wanted to BUY that Mustang I can do it today. Instead I'd rather rent another new car because I'd rather have a new car for less money than and old car for more money.

Leasing is the best of both worlds. If I want to buy at the end of the lease I can buy it. If I want to get something new I can get something new and I don't have to haggle with buyers or take a loss on trade-in.

A: We would need a little more info about your car as Ford made several models of the Mustang. There are the GT's the Mach's the Conv. etc. As well as many options that will change the value of your car. That being said remember that the "residual" value of any lease is what the bank thinks the car will be worth when you turn it back in. In my opinion $9800 seems like an average price but nothing to consider a good "investment". The market has slowed on these cars and keep in mind that it isn't going to gain value as it sits in your yard for sale but rather lose value. Not to mention you will have to keep it insured untill it sells. If you love your car keep it. If you are trying to make a little money on the side try a cheaper car that is good on gas they are selling for above book value right now. Hope this helps.

Q: Will my 1998 Ford Mustang make it across the country?
My mustang is in good condition, as far as I know. It has never given me any type of problem. It is 11 years old though and I do not know how much longer it will last. I have always kept up on maintenance- oil changes, tires, air filters, etc. I am moving from the East coast to the West coast and I am wondering if it will make it and if it will last me a while after I get there.

A: If you have taken care of it and it has never given you problems, I see no reason why the car would not make it. Keep maintaining it and you can drive it for many many years.

Consider taking it to a mechanic for a pre-trip inspection. They can tell you if they find anything wrong or that needs immediate servicing. Might be worth $75 or so to have some peace of mind before you hit the interstates.

Q: Is This A GOOD DEAL? A FORD MUSTANG 2003 4000miles for 11500?
Used Red Ford Mustang 2003 from a dealership, 40,000 Miles, for $11,500. It used to be a rental car, i did a carfax and the car came out clean..
The Car looks new and doesnt have a dent. The dealership, did all the transmition work, oil change, and installed new brake disks. Ive driven it and it feels ok.

A: Check out Kelly Blue Book and NADA used car prices, both are available on line

Q: 1965 ford mustang-engine dies when turning right?
I'm not afraid to admit, This one confuses me and I've been an auto tech over 11 years. My friend has a 1965 ford mustang with 289ci engine, nothing stock about it though, Edelbrock intake and carb, aftermarket exhaust, Elec ignition etc etc ,all that stuff- I havint been out to look at it yet but he says that when he turns right the engine stalls. Happens 9 times out of ten. ........ .... Vacuum?? ........Pinched fuel line?? ..... Yea I'll admit, I'm stumped.

A: Well my experience says to do this, wiggle the wiring harness to the dist. from the firewall and also install a ground wire to the motor from the frame AND battery, Also this may seem strange but check the oil level haven't seen it but have heard of this. Also what about the carburetor float setting, if set to low would cause it to run out of fuel while turning.

Q: 2005 ford mustang wheel caps?
recently my wheel caps were stolen off my mustang
they look like this

i was wondering how easy they are to put back on if i bought more? do they pop in?

A: yes, pop in, i have had my foose centre caps stolen few times, now keep "spares"....i am also using a little silicone when i re-install them- makes them harder to get out.

cheers 04 cobra

Q: Is This A GOOD DEAL? A FORD MUSTANG 2003 6cyldr 4000miles for 11500?
Used Red Ford Mustang 2003 from a dealership, 40,000 Miles, for $11,500. It used to be a rental car, i did a carfax and the car came out clean..
The Car looks new and doesnt have a dent. The dealership, did all the transmition work, oil change, and installed new brake disks. Ive driven it and it feels ok.

A: write them a check for $10,500 and be preapred to walk away, you will know then if it is a good deal

Q: A 1989 Mustang with Ford's "25th Anniversary" badge on dash. Has 11k miles. How much to ask for it?
Ford told me they sold only 11,000 of these vehicles with the special "25th Anniversary" logo on the dash. These cars were recalled for excessive clear coat fracturing from acid rain. My car has not been in rain since being returned to me from Ford recall. It has been in garage covered ever since I parked it after driving it for the first 11k miles. How much should I ask to sell it???
Ford Mustang GT

A: what model, LX, GT, 3 door or convertible? v8? how many miles? have proof? they only have the 6 digit, so don't show the true mileage.. car fax? these are all things to thing about when selling or buying a old Ford..

I would start high and you can always come down, try $10k, it's going to take a while, if your in a hurry just list it on ebay and set the reserve at the least you will take for it, maybe $5k and hope for the best..

Q: I was wondering if a 32 valve heads possible on 5.0 HO 302cid EFI taken of a 1992 ford mustang?
this engine is gonna go on a 87 Thunderbird with t56 tranny 4,11:1 ratio in rear differential and tranny
so i was wondering if any one knows if they make a 32 valve heads for 302 HO
I choose A 302 block to converted in the stroker 347 there is a scat kit available with a dome pistons

A: No, the 32valve head fit the modular engines only. all modular engines are either single or double overhead cam. The 302(90 degree engine family) engines are push rod engines. these two family of engines do not share bore, bore spacing or bolt locations. There where some 4-valve per cly heads made for racing by eagle and cosworth.

Q: Can the racing stripes be removed from Ford Mustang?
I found a really good deal (under $12,000) on a 07' Ford Mustang in black with low miles (under 11,000) and really good shape. However, it has those ugly white Dukes of Hazard looking stripes on it - just messing it's black beauty! I heard you can purchase those separately, so this makes me wonder if these stripes can be removed without ruining the paint job. If not, then what other options do I have? Thanks so much!
I decided I like the stripes. Thanks for everyones input.

A: there are risks involved. like a couple have mentioned you can get whats called an eraser wheel that you chuck into a drill and slowly peel them off, or like another suggested you can take a heat gun and a plastic spatula or applicator. you will have to finish by wiping down with a 3m product called adhesive remover, it's a solvent that is strong enough to get the adhesive off, but not strong enough to mess up the paint. but there are problems involved, if your paint has faded, guess what it won't be as faded where the stripes where, and that's a permanent condition, you will have "ghost stripes". if the car has had any paint work done to it, these stripes are a favorite place to conceal a repair line, which is fine until you remove the stripe, then you have a big paint line you can do nothing with but repaint. and don't trust that it hasn't had work done, even if you know the history of the car from the showroom floor, i know of alot of cars that have repair work before they leave the showroom. this is something you could do, but one slip and you've got trouble, i would suggest a body shop, you might get a better answer from them as to whether this is something to try on this particular car or not. if it is a factory paint job that has not been repaired, you should be able to have it done safely, the new paints do not have much problem with fading, and black is probably the best at not fading. good luck

Q: a 2005 ford mustang for 15 dollars? is it real?
ok here are the facts someone is selling mystery envelopes in one of those envelopes as a gift is a 2005 ford mustang

the seller has title and pictures of vehicle
ebay says it';s real but to remmeber that the chances of getting the car are 5000 to 1 which are not bad odds if you gamble on a slot machine your chances of winning big are like 100000 to 1

so my question has sorta been answered just want to hear peoples opinions

the car is real the auction is real
has been confirmed
so i plan on buying

but still want your opinions
here is the link

A: ok this is funny
i will tell you this it is true how do i know because i'm the seller
this is the way it works i am selling E-envelopes in one of those envelopes is as a gift the mustang it is my personal vehicle

and i will give it away to one person whoever buys the envelope

it is not illegal because as stated in the auction i am not selling the vehicle on ebay i am only selling envelopes
but as a free gift not prize not encentive only as my gift to one person will they get the vehicle yes i will make money on this deal but the person who recieves the gift will have a new mustang for only 15 dollars i've read some of the other answers how will i ship it or its a toy the picture of the car is on the auction

some people say it's a scam look at my feedbak i have only gotten one negative feedback in 6 years of being an ebay member
and that was because my son bid on something without me knowing and i tried to cancel the bid but the seller wouldn't let me and left negative feedback that was like 2 years ago

other than that i have always gotten positive feedback.

this is real but of course you should be comfortable buying a mystery envelope

so if your not 100 percent sure don't buy

Q: Is This A GOOD DEAL? A FORD MUSTANG 2003 6cyldr 4000miles, automatic trans, for 11500?
Used Red Ford Mustang 2003 from a dealership, 40,000 Miles, for $11,500. It used to be a rental car, i did a carfax and the car came out clean..
The Car looks new and doesnt have a dent. The dealership, did all the transmition work, oil change, and installed new brake disks. Ive driven it and it feels ok.

A: as long as they are honest with you, I bought one in 90 and it had a bad motor, they only thing that saved me was transferring the warrenty :(

Q: 1965 Ford Mustang vin# history search?
I am trying to find out the history of my 1965 Ford Mustang - is there a way to search this out by Vin #. Carfax etc indicate the vin # is too short at 11 digits. Any ideas?

A: carfax doesnt go back that far. You need to look up "Marti report" and get it there. That is the ONLY site that will have your stangs history.

Q: Looking for FORD MUSTANG- 1999 & UP?
Do you know of anywhere I can find a FORD MUSTANG, automatic transmission, from years 1999 and up?

I'd prefer if it was 150,000km or less on it, but doesn't matter.

Since this is my first car I'm looking to spend $11,000 or less.

(I live in Ont, Canada so ads from there are prefered).

If you could help that would be amazing,

A: local ads, craigslist, ebay.. they are all over the place. If there are Mustang shows in your area, look there; some people have for sale signs in their show cars.